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Yeah, right, you just thought that you were going to get away with a "
please delete this"

Here is a wish list...

Every thing you ever wanted to know about awards and regalia in Ansteorra,
including how to recommend someone for an award.
Who are those people standing up there behind the thrones in court, anyway?
Basic blazon for the blazon-impaired.
Basic "yell" class, or how to get your voice to the other end of the list
field without straining your vocal chords.
Pas this, Pas that...just exactly what is a "dance of weapons" and what is
the role of a personal herald and what should they really be wearing.
Herardic display, or why shouldn't my whole family wear my arms and why is
his device one design and his badge completely different?
Who are all of those people in that procession for the making of a peer and
what's up with this vigil thing...I was supposed to bring gifts?  No one
told me about gifts...

Let's see...that should get you started.  yeah, I know some of this goes
into the "courtly graces" arena, but it is close enough.

Your most grateful boss,

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> Greetings people of Elfsea,
>   Heraldry is a wonderful thing.  I believe that there is never too much
> heraldry happening.  We have heralds, scribes and illuminators each
> month which is an ideal time to observe the heraldic process, from
> creation of armoury to depiction in scrolls.  This is regularly held at
> Timothy and Anezka's home in Arlington on the second Monday of the
> month.
>    I am pleased by the increase in heraldic display, and I would like to
> see more.  I would also like to have comments from all of you as to what
> type of educational information you would like to see.   I am planning
> on placing a series of educational heraldic pieces in the scroll
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