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Tue Oct 15 18:46:24 PDT 2002

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>Yeah, right, you just thought that you were going to get away with a "
>please delete this"
>Here is a wish list...
>Every thing you ever wanted to know about awards and regalia in Ansteorra,

Stuff to wear, and forget when you need it. Stuff to give away when the Nobles forget it.

>including how to recommend someone for an award.

Hey, King! She did Good!

>Who are those people standing up there behind the thrones in court, anyway?

Heralds, Ontourage, Defenders, Pretenders

>Basic blazon for the blazon-impaired.

5 tinctures, 2 metals, lots of ordinary stuff
field, stuff on field, top to bottom, left to right

>Basic "yell" class, or how to get your voice to the other end of the list
>field without straining your vocal chords

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