[Elfsea] Ok, lets talk about Defender and Springfaire

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Mon Oct 28 05:47:59 PST 2002

Many people have brought up that some of the ideas mentioned in questions before would be better at Springfaire.  I mostly agree, and remember I do not necessarily think that everything I asked about should be done at Defender.  I ask these questions to get people talking, and to get people thinking about our Events.

Medb brought up the point that have the choosing of our Defender be the center of attention at Elfsea Defender seems like a fine theme.  I can certainly see this point.  So what do you think about the idea of moving the choosing of our Rapier Defender from Elfsea Defender to Elfsea Springfaire?

This would let Rapier shine at Springfaire, and Heavy shine at Defender.  It would let us use the main list field for those activities, while using a smaller field for a more 'interesting' fighting scenario at the other event.  For instance, at Springfaire the Heavy community could have a Pas.  At Defender the rapier community could have a tournament fought within a Spanish circle, or the like.

While I certainly love both our events, for the last several years Springfaire has had a higher turnout than Defender.  Any ideas why?

I would also like to hear answers to the question Master Richard forwarded : What event outside of the Central Region do you return to year after year?

And I would add my own : What events are 'never miss' on your Calendar, and why?


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