[Elfsea] Ok, lets talk about Defender and Springfaire

Don and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 28 07:42:42 PST 2002

<Timothy asked:>
>So what do you think about the idea of moving the choosing of our Rapier
Defender from Elfsea Defender to Elfsea >Springfaire?

We discussed this abit several years ago right after Galen and Allesandre
stepped up. At the time there was a fairly odd distribution of oppinion,
many of the rapier fighters were just fine with this and many Heavy fighters
spoke against it.

I would have no problem chosing our Rapier champion at Springfaire
personally, however if we were to do this I would recomend changing the
title. If we are going to call them the "Elfsea Rapier Defender" then the
list should be fought at Elfsea Defender.

>While I certainly love both our events, for the last several years
Springfaire has had a higher turnout than Defender.  Any >ideas why?

Time of year, we normally hold Springfaire in April or May. Just in time for
tax returns to come in, kids are already trained to a given pattern of home
work bed times and such for the School year. Those who decide to take a day
off of work have lots of vacation left early in the year. Of course it is
also Spring and people want to get out and play in spring before the weather
gets to Hot.

>I would also like to hear answers to the question Master Richard forwarded
: What event outside of the Central Region do >you return to year after

We always go to Namron Protectorate, and quite a few other Norhtern Events,
It gives us a chance to see Freinds and Family up in Oklahoma.

>And I would add my own : What events are 'never miss' on your Calendar, and

Never Miss...I am not sure there are absolutly "Never Miss" events on our
calander, OUr family comes first and if the kids give a reason they want to
stay home on a given weekend rather than an event, we would likley stay
home. They will only be kids once and this time in their lives is precious
to us.

Events we normally try to attend each year include
Steppes 12th Night
Elfsea Baronial College
Sometimes Candlemas (Bryn Gwlad)
Spring Faire
Gaurdians of the Tor
Steppes Warlord
Steppes Artisan
Elfsea Defender
Namron Protectorate
Dragonsfire Tor yule

Throw in a spattering of Crown Tourny's, Coronations and Queens Champions
and any other events here and there we go to and you see we stay pretty
busy. we average about 1.5 events a month most years but some years it has
been as much as 2 a month. typically we try to take June off.

At Home in Elfsea

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