[Elfsea] On the topic of springfare/King of fools

Sue Delk ladydds at centex.net
Tue Oct 29 16:44:22 PST 2002

Greetings, all!

    There has been some talk on the list about the different events we have
in our Barony....  This is an opinion from someone who has been in the SCA
for 6+ years...relatively new.  Elfsea Defender was my first event six years
ago.  It was the time of Xene and Llwellyn's investiture, Seamus and
Maggie's departure, and Stella's Laureling. It is always hard to compare
that first event, our Defender of 1996, to any other Defender.    But the
focus of our September event is for our Defender lists.  It falls close to
Crown Tourney and Queen's Champion and I'm sure helps our archers in their
lists and quests for honors.   Let's continue to make this event's focus on
our fighters and choosing the best person to defend our Barony.  Let's keep
all our Defender tournaments at this event. I would love to see a feast
prepared for this event, if we think it would be cost effective.
     Springfaire is a time for fun, relaxation, and themes.  "Spring has
sprung" and SCA folk are ready to start camping again and enjoying a fun
event. I fought in my first rapier tournament at Springfaire because I knew
it was just for fun.  It may be time to remember the high persona events
like Lyonnesse and think about creating an entire event devoted to
recreating some part of SCA period (not like culture camps, but courtly
love, etc).  This is the time for a Pas or "come as your favorite peasant"
event.  This is also a high time for our King of Fools competition.  As for
suggestions, Seamus, I'm always ready for riddles, puns (!!!) and
insults....Great fun!
    As far as the Elfsea Artisan competition, I think it should be held
separately from Springfaire and Defender.  Either keep it with Baronial
College as it is, or maybe consider joining it with the Tor's Yule and their
artisan competition.
    Please, dear friends, consider these comments as suggestions and
reflections.  I love Elfsea, and consider it home despite being four hours
away from you.

In service,

Lady Genevieve del Gamba
Apprentice to Mistress Xene Theriane
Matron, House Silver Moon
Journeyman Chirurgeon

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