[Elfsea] Rapier Defender and change

Don and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 30 16:06:06 PST 2002

Wow, much discusion and emotions running high over the thought of moving the
Rapier Defender to another event. While I am gratified as Baronial Rapier
that this topic brings so much attention, I must point out that in all this
discusion there has been little said or asked of how the Baronies Rapier
fighters feel about this proposal.

My opinion as a rapier fighter living in Elfsea is that I would prefer that
is stay at Defender. this is not how it has always been done in fact untill
1992 we didn't even have a Rapier Defender and the Archery Defender came the
year after. (Keep in mind we were elevated to Baronial Status in December
1989). However as long as we have had the tourney it has been alongside it's
Heavy weapons and Archery counterparts. This serves well to show that all of
these Marshall Champions are equally Esteemed and valued by our Nobility and
our Populace. Just as our two performing arts titles (Bard and King of
Fools) are both chosen at Springfaire, and our Artisan is normally chosen at
our Arts and Sciences event. (as long as it happens)

So untill some one can give me overwhelming good reasons why we should move
the Rapier list away from Defender, I stand opposed to the idea. I am not
opposed to changing the format of the Tournament to one that can be fought
in a shorter time. Even in Double Elim, the weapon styles can still be
chosen by the Baron and Baroness. I do not wish to see the Precedence
challenge disapear. I like it, it's fun.

On the Subject of Change:

Change in a group that changes it's population as often as SCA branches do
is inevitable. After all at the First Elfsea Defender there was only the
Heavy weapons Champion for Elfsea. the other titles competitons were _All_
added some time later. So none of this is how it was "Always Done." Change
has,  will, and is happening all the time.

The possibility of change will always invoke some level of conflict within
us all, as we deal with these issues let us all remember behind every post,
counter post, new idea and defense of the Status Quo, there is a Person.
People have feelings and are often faster to defend themselves than to see
their own words could be taken as affront. seeing as we have no body
language and no vocal inflection in this medium may I encourage every one to
proof read your post and consider how you would recieve it before hitting
the _send_ button.

At Home in Elfsea

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