[Elfsea] Ok, lets talk about Defender and Springfaire

Shaw, Donnel ShawD at chisd.com
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But let us not shoot ourselves in the foot getting rid of tradition either.
If we are a group that researches and recreates History and traditions lets
not ignore and throw out our own traditions and history. Yes sometimes we
need to look at things and change but do it with thought and reason. Not
just to change it. Remember that all you "young ones" will someday be "old

Donnel Shaw
Pre K

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>Innes wrote:>
>Elfsea Defender has become a tradition,   so why lessen the event at all?
>Just feel like people are trying to change the Traditions of the
>Barony. What I personally feel is that there should be some educating
>going on for the people who have not played  long enough to know what
>the traditions are. _______________________________________________

Traditions are well and good.  However, at times, traditions need to be
modified to fit the group's needs.

Like the culture camps.  I too attended Defender 5 years ago (my first
event) when the culture camps were in full swing.  These camps gave me the
feel of the "dream" of the SCA.  I am sad to see them go away, but they are
a lot of work and I suppose people were getting tired of creating them.

Sometimes a change can create a renewed interest.  Let's not close our minds
to new ideas.

In service,

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