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Thank you for being my champion Caelin.

Donnel Shaw
Pre K

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Your ten years trumps my six. I am relatively new.
I agree that all player's opinions are important. I also believe new members
of our group can bring new ideas that have value. In fact, we need them to
remain strong and vibrant.

But you must be sensitive to the opinions and feelings
of those who have contributed much over a long period.
As Donnel said, "If we are a group that researches and recreates History and
traditions let us not ignore and throw out our own traditions and history."

I don't think Donnel was saying your opinions or those
of people newer than she are less important than hers.
I have known her for the last six years and she is
always willing to work with new people, listen to
their ideas, and give them full credit. She believes
Elfsea's history and traditions has made it what it
is and wants to keep some of them alive to keep Elfsea
the place it has become.

So, let us be open to new ideas, to discuss them fully,
and implement what we, as a group, decide is beneficial
to us. But let us not easily throw away the traditions
that make us Elfsea.

In service,
Caelin on Andrede
> >Remember that all you "young ones" will someday be "old ones".
> Ok, I've now had a button pushed.
> First, I started playing this game a DECADE ago, have been immensely
> active for the last 5 years.  Many have played longer, but I'm hardly
> 'new' here.
> That said, we are a group in need of new people right now.  It does
> not help our organization for those who have been playing to strike
> down new ideas simply because they come from someone 'new'.  Comments
> like the ones above imply that your opinion counts only if you are a
> "long term player", and this should not, and is not, true.
> Let us please cease the rhetoric about time of play.  No one persons
> opinion counts more or less for their time playing this game.  It
> should be considered or rejected SOLELY on the merits of the argument.
> Timothy
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