[Elfsea] Kragenworth Keep Bardic

Katelyn Crane salara_dragon at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 30 12:36:39 PST 2002

Is this open to everyone, or just the bards themselves?  I'm new and don't
know the rules.


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>Subject: [Elfsea] Kragenworth Keep Bardic
>Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 12:46:51 -0600
>Greetings and Salutations!
>There WILL be bardic this Friday night, Nov.1st, 7:30(SCA time), at 6801
>Beaty St., Ft.Worth, 817-492-9246.
>Please bring your favorite music, instruments, bardic pieces, food to
>a chair and your enthusiasm!  It will probably be cold, so there will be a
>fire around which we can warm ourselves.
>Since I have to go to Dallas on Sat. morning, and Ld Tarkus has to work, we
>ask that you not overstay.
>As always, we abide by SCA and mundane laws pertaining to alcohol and
>illegal substances!
>Directions:  from Loop 820 East, exit Craig st.  Go approx. 5 blocks east
>Hunter and go north on Hunter to the tee.  There will be a banner and a
>on the porch.  If you get lost, call and we will talk you to us.
>In Service to the Dream,
>Ly Gwenllian Hertewelle
>Loch Ruadh Rocks!!
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