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Ok I am  home and have thought long and hard about it.

The basis for my gut reaction is th is.
As Both Brandy/Marion and Innes have stated both the Rapiar fighters and the
Archers were stuck to the side.

They would annouce that there would be a Rapiar list on Sunday and as the few
of us sat on the side lines everyone eles would pack up and leave. Sometimes
we didn't even have a list field ropes because they would come and pack them
up. I always thought how brave they were. They believed in what they were
doing and pursiviered. Now we have the heavy and the light fighters side by
side and it is wonderful to see. I would hate to see a rift appear by not
keeping the list equal in respect and inportance.  They deserve it and I will
support that part of our comminity. I have talked to Xene and she agrees.
This is the Why. This is also why knowing history is important.

The second Barron of Steeps Exidor was know for the Archery. He promoted it
way back before I joined. It is only now that we have it up by the other list
fields. They now have water a pavilion and participants. It has been a long
battle. Before when we were a shire there would be only 3 of us show up to
shoot. And again we would not be recognized for our efforts. Innes has
already spoken on most of this evolution. There is not one of us who has not
seen touched by the stories of Robin Hood or the English long bow. We are at
a point that the brave souls who have also persevered in the Archery
community need to be respected for the efforts and recognized.  That is the

Respect for the individuals and what they have achieved.

So you see it is not the change that is the issue it is what it will effect.
I am always striving to imporve my self, my teaching and anything else I do
or am involved it. If it is a good idea and well thought out lets do it. If I
didn't like change and wanted it done the way it always was we might still be
looking at the hole in the ground and the plastic drapped between trees.
Change can be good. :)

As for ideas and discussion not a problem.  But discus with respect.  It has
to go both ways. If you ask for a discussion discus it. Let everyone have
their say. But don't argue it to make it your way.

That does not mean I will defend my self and others if I see a reason to and
here I did.

Tim Let me know where and when and I will be glad to sit down with you or
anyone else.

I hope this helps others to understand.

Ly Maili Donnel MacGregor

In the SCA known as Maili Donnel MacGregor

Dream the Imposible Dream

"While there is mist in the forest and froth on the river.
MacGregors  will florish despite them forever."  MacGregor's Lament

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