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This may run on long, for I take a while to get to the point sometime.  Many may not get to the end of this missive.  Neither very old or very new, I came into the middle of these postings -

Just on a brass tacks basis, what was the question or its point exactly?

If it was to change an the event, ideas need to be presented.  However, I did not see any NEW ideas, merely reconfigurations of old ones.  Perhaps I missed something

I have heard heavy fighters and spectators comment favorably on "new" fight setups, fun raids (last Steppes Fall Court comes to mind).  I hear rapier fighters enthuse about new combinations.  I as an A&S participant like to be tested, have my talents stretched.  It makes me think and recharges my creativity.

Let tradition stand for tradition.  Let change prevent death and stagnation.  What type of NEW event activities would the populace be interested in?  What traditional events are the most favorite - There's nothing like the drama of a pas.  There's also nothing like the laughter and smiles of seeing a favorite heavy fighter try to "run" with a play pig or see bands of children "rounding up" loose cattle.

I cannot qualify comments on fighting events, since I do not fight.  I can throw out new suggestions for A&S.  I have written about 2 new styles of A&S competitions that will appear in the MoAS newsletter and elsewhere.  I am always seeking something "new" - but, for those of you who have seen my work, I do very traditional items and "recreate" historical items.  But "new" to me means the way the competition is presented.  Its the fun way to see how to uniquely present yourself and your art.  I am sure the fighters feel the same way about their bouts.

I think perhaps you are actually looking for what to "keep" and then finding new things to "add" to enhance the experience, whenever it will be held.  Let's cut to the chase -tradition is honoring the past, which is what we do.  Let's find new ways to do that to keep everyone interested and to spur creativity in old and new.  The middle ages wasn't all pomp and circumstance, they had desert crossbows and food fights, subtlties and fools.

Who would participate in a grape & crossbow competition?
Who would turn down a chance to see the most outrageous subtlty in honor of the theme of an event?
Who would like to participate in a "best dressed foot" competition?
Who would fight in teams, tied to another fighter like a three legged race?
Who would like to see rapier duels where the participants were judged on the best poetry, limerick or rhyme they could recite while fighting and dieing the most graciously?
Where would these events be used to the advantage of the group hosting it?  Who would like to do it first?
Some would consider these items only appropriate for a Fool's Revel, but is that the only place we want to have fun?

And who would not want to fight for the great honor of being called the Defender of any group?  Be it canton, shire, barony or kingdom?  Whether heavy or light fighter, archer, artist or bard?  And who would not like to see those people participate, the best and brightest, whether in or out of area?  There is nothing like seeing the best of the day broght into court, standing together to be honored by the people.  There is nothing & no one that is unimportant when it comes to persuing the dream, (sorry for the triple negative)

What new ideas did I miss on the list?, for I would love to converse with those who have presented them and see what new perspective they have on the Current Middle Ages.  I have taken up enough room here.  But someone/anyone can come up with a different idea.  And I respect everyones viewpoint that has been aired and look for more, which is why I read my e-mail and lists

In honor to all on the list
In service to the Dream
Lady Asa
Loch Ruadh

In democracy it's your vote that counts; In feudalism it's your count that votes.

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