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> In the past we have done this by asking a large group of us,
> "What event, demo, fighter practice, whatever was your
> introduction
> to the SCA?" It is interesting to see the results.


Well, I was living in Temple Texas (10 years ago) and was the head designer for hair and makeup for the local Civic Theater. We were doing a production of "Brigadoon" and several of the cast members and extras had such cool costumes that I knew did not come from our costume department.

I asked one of the extras where did you get your costume and she, Lady Pamela the Harper, told me she made it. Next thing I knew I was surrounded (silly grin) by people saying that they made theirs too. I asked why and was told about the SCA. Well being freshly divorced and not too sure how to meet single men I thought it would be an interesting way to meet interesting people.

Boy howdy was that an understatement!

I went to the local fighter practice there and was rather timid about asking questions (ok, I was a very different person then) and when I mentioned in passing that the fighting looked like fun I was thrust into armor!

Little did the good people of Tempio know that I had spent the last 7 years getting beat on by my ex and I was not about to enlighten them. It was some of the best therapy I could have received. I learned that I can stand up and give just as good as I get. I stopped cringing from men and became the woman I am today. Strong, assured and confident. I am thankful for my friends in Tempio for being my "foster" family. They are truly wonderful people.

I can not imagine my life without the SCA. I tried it for a couple of years and I felt like a part of me was missing. I have met people that I think of as family here. In the past, times have been difficult for me in the SCA but the good far out strips the trials. I have raised my children in the SCA and I will be around for a very long time. (sigh) getting a bit maudlin here.

Life IS good in Elfsea.

HL Brigit Ní Sheachnasaigh (O'Shaughnessey)

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