[Elfsea] Camp Coordinator @ Gulf War

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Thu Oct 31 22:43:05 PST 2002

For the last 2 years I have tried to organize our Steppes/ Elfsea Camp.  I
have done a very poor job.  I know someone else can do a better job than I

I have visions... a central fire pit in behind a central entryway.  I have
great torches.  A walk way between our camp and Bryn Gwlad... This is rather
necessary for the potties.  NOT PUTTING THE KITCHEN ON THE ROAD but behind
the tents out of the way.  Wonderful period pavilions along the road.  Maybe
a road trench so we can better use our space.

This should be someone who is willing to spend the first 2 or three days in
camp to assist people to find their places. Or better yet map out our area,
tents, walkways, and kitchen areas before we even get on site.  I have
access to the actual site map to scale.

Who is willing to do this job?  A team of folks?  Maybe someone to do the
mapping and one to help direct?  There are many possibilities.

We have the best land in Ansteorra at Gulf War.  I'd like to see it used in
the best possible way.  We are strong together, our sister baronies. We can
work together, I know it.


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