[Elfsea] Kragenworth Keep Bardic

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Thu Oct 31 10:32:43 PST 2002


Any time an occurrence is posted to the list, anyone who wants to attend is
welcome.  We have a very good time here, at Kragenworth Keep, and will
welcome you, gladly.  Come on over and see for yourself!
Tomorrow night is it!

Gwenllian ("Hostess"?)

Loch Ruadh Rocks!!

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>Subject: Re: [Elfsea] Kragenworth Keep Bardic
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>The bardic at Kragenworth Keep is always open to everyone.  After all, we
>bards love a big audience.  :)
>Katelyn wrote:
> >Is this open to everyone, or just the bards themselves?  I'm new and
> >know the rules.
> >
> >Katelyn.
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