[Elfsea] first SCA exposure

Sue Delk ladydds at centex.net
Thu Oct 31 20:55:05 PST 2002

My first exposure was after the Demo at Three Bridges six years ago. The SCA
had it's usual demo but I didn't see it. What I did see was the write up in
the UTA newspaper.  My ex-boyfriend had been in the SCA a very short time,
and I had been to renfaires and enjoyed them. I thought I'd try the SCA.  In
the newpaper article was the seneschal's name and phone number--the now
Baronness Allesandra.  She invited me to join her at a populace meeting and
must have talked with me for over an hour.  She also invited me to a garb
workshop at Xene's house, where I made my first T-tunic.  There  I was
introduced to Xene, with whom I spent most of the evening talking.  We had
much in common, from music (I played the cello in the college orchestra) to
reading to embroidery.  Towards the end of the night, she asked me if I
would like to be her lady-in-waiting....that's when I found out she was to
be the new Baronness!  I agreed and went to Elfsea Defender...and the rest
is history.

In service,
Lady Genevieve del Gamba

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