[Elfsea] first SCA exposure

Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at pandora.org
Thu Oct 31 21:31:16 PST 2002

Let's see... First Exposure to the SCA.  That'd be back in '94.  I first found the SCA at a Sci-Fi convention in Nova Scotia.  Through a convoluted series of relationships I got introduced to a Daffydd Rhys ap Llyewlyn, Squire to some Knight he only saw once a year at Pennsic.  I ignored it for a year or so then the next year I went to a meeting or two made some garb. Actually a nice blue t-tunic trimmed in red.  Learned that braiding the excess red fabric into a belt wouldn't go over well.  I included some scrab blue fabric and had a lovely blue and red braided belt to go with the tunic.

That year at the con I helped at the demo.  I still had never fought but I helped with discussions of the foods they had there and the principals of chivarly and honour.  Then the fighting demo started and they called for volunteers.  I went out.  Threw a 5 shot combo, stepped back and watched the OTC fall to the ground.  I was hooked.  I commissioned a custom helm for Truehearth Armories. I like armorer that measure your head and get you a GOOD helm.  It was blackend mild steel but it fit beautifully.  I found my kydex barrels and began making my armor. Went to training (weeks of throwing the same shot before I even had an opponent).  Then my particpation kinda wained as it does for all of us at sometime.  That was oh... the Winter of 96.

Then I met a lady online and came to Texas to meet her.  That was May of '97. We married 2 months later.  Then in the Spring of '00 she asked me about the SCA.  I had talked of it a bit.  We went to a fighter practice at Randall Mill.  We wandered around for a bit and I explained a thing or two.  Was thouroughly confused by the Ansteorran High Guard Style.  Still,  it was Sean of Argyle making Combat arrows that got my attention and We talked for a bit and then we were just part of the crowd.

I came back for the Wednesday night Practice.  Met Tim and Anezka, got invited to Tim's housewarming and there met A whole bunch more people.  Found Springfaire was a week or so away.  Went to Springfaire, it had rained the night before and the List was in tatters.  I started helping put the tents back up (Stella and Bert's first) while Rebekah signed in to Troll.  Went, signed a waiver.  Went back to putting up Tents.  Sometime around 11:30, when court got out and Galen and Allessandre where our new B&B I got around to putting up our tent.  Ya know... I think I've been putting up tents almost continuosly since then.  Well,  that's broken by the occasional taking one down. <G>

Anyway,  that was my first exposure to the SCA and my first exposure to Elfsea.  The Rest as they say is Living History.

     Wilim Penbras, Who is know allowed to where a Red Belt

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