[Elfsea] Question about the Springfaire

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Thu Apr 3 20:21:35 PST 2003

You don't necessarily have to dress barbarian.  If you make an attempt at
medieval clothing you'll be doing just fine.

If you have roman clothing that would be appropriate, or simple t-tunics and
pants, or a Mongol look.

Hope this helps - Arabella

Subject: [Elfsea] Question about the Springfair

I am normally just a lurker in this list, but have a pretty good question
conerning the Springfair this weekend.

I understand it is "barbarian themed". What would be historically accurate
for a "barbarian" to wear, as I may be interested in attending. [I don't get
to go to many SCA events, since I don't do any fighting. I do all my
fighting in Amtgard stuff.]

Any responses would be greatfully appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

C. Jackson

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