[Elfsea] Question about the Springfair

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Thu Apr 3 20:25:50 PST 2003

I don't think "bunny fur bikinis" are required here
(though anyone with the figure and the inclination
is free to try it). The Attila the Hun period is
also Roman Empire and Byzantine (early I think).
Simple dress was nearly always OK for those not
in the ruling class. Roman upper class would be
fine. Mongol would be fine.

The Mongols, I believe, was one of the few early
cultures to have female warriors, also.

In service,
Caelin on Andrede

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> I am normally just a lurker in this list, but have a pretty
> good question conerning the Springfair this weekend.
> I understand it is "barbarian themed". What would be
> historically accurate for a "barbarian" to wear, as I may be
> interested in attending. [I don't get to go to many SCA
> events, since I don't do any fighting. I do all my fighting
> in Amtgard stuff.]
> Any responses would be greatfully appreciated.
> Many thanks in advance.
> C. Jackson
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