[Elfsea] Northern Tarrant County (was: A list of questions)

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Thu Apr 24 15:24:46 PDT 2003

Quoting Medb:
>First you have to have some....we need more extensive recruitment in areas
>other than Arlington.  N and  NW Tarrant county are exploding with growth.
>What can we do in that area, besides moot?

Actually ...

Moot as you noted is held in this area.
Most A&S Nights are held at Tomas & Rixende's in Bedford
There is an unofficial gathering of fighters every week at the Bedford Boys Ranch
MANY gatherings have historically been held at Their Excellencies home.

Elfsea has perhaps 5 demos that we repeat every year :

Highland Games - Held in Arlington, but not an 'Arlington' event by a long shot, we often see people from almost every adjoining state to Texas at this event.  Our biggest demo, true.  In Arlington, true.

Keller Library Demo - Quickly becoming our second most important demo every year, held firmly in Northern Tarrant County.

UTA Activities Fair - Technically a Three Bridges demo, but pillars such as Stella have been there year after year to support the College.

Fort Worth Library (Seminary Branch) - This demo is small, but the offer comes back year after year (or has ... when did we last do this one?)

Southwest Arlington Library Branch - VERY small demo (room holds about 10 people total) occasionally with fighting.  It's been a while since we've done this one I believe.

Now, could we do more?  Sure.  And we do have many monthly Arlington based activities (such as Fighter Practice, Heralds Scribes & Illuminators, and Game Night).  Business Meeting moves around to different homes, but again has been in Northern Tarrant County quite often (hosted by Their Excellencies usually).

How do we do more?  Those who do live in those areas host events for the Barony, mostly.  Our membership in that area is somewhat weak (except of course for Springtown, a firm Loch Ruadh stronghold) and that is why I think the Keller demo is so important (and recently brought in Irina).


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