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Here are the first two steps of the offical SCA "SUGGESTED CHANNELS FOR
COMPLAINT AND APPEAL" (taken from Corpora on the SCA website):

1. Try to work things out face to face. When someone does something that
interferes with your appreciation of the Society in a way you can't
ignore, or that seems to be contrary to the rules, talk it over. Explain
the problem as you see it, and listen to the reply. (Likewise, if
someone comes to you, listen carefully before you frame your answer.)
With luck and good will, the problem will go away. You'll find ways to
reduce the level of irritation, you'll stop real rules violations, or
you'll come to understand why things you thought were violations were
actually legitimate activities. If you can't communicate, ask someone
you and the other party both respect to help, either by relaying
messages or by moderating a meeting between you. Try not to go to an
officer in charge of the area in question, as such an officer may be
tempted or compelled to make a ruling instead of letting you reach an
informal agreement.
2. Write to the person you're having difficulty with. Describe the way
you feel you're being damaged, without indulging in insults or threats.
Ask for the action you feel would set things right, and indicate how
long you feel you can wait for a reply before making further
distribution of the complaint. Keep a copy of the letter, but do not
send it to anyone but the addressee at this time. The written word is
often more effective than the spoken word, so there's a good chance that
this letter, or a series of direct letters and replies, will eventually
lead you to a solution. As long as you feel you're making progress
either in understanding or in getting you way, do not go on to step 3.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin


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