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Fri Apr 25 20:42:17 PDT 2003

>On July 3rd the most successful touring festival of music in U.S. history
>launches again after a 6-year hiatus – Lollapalooza.  The tour will feature
>headliners Jane’s Addiction, the Donnas, Jurassic 5, Queens of the Stone
>Age, Incubus, Audioslave, AND something entirely different - beautiful,
>exotic, sensual, and above all artistic: Bellydance Superstars with the
>Desert Roses will perform both on the main stage preceding Jane’s Addiction
>show-closer as well as the second stage.  This is the first time the art of
>bellydance – with America’s top performers –  will be presented to so vast
>an audience – over 800,000 people, over 36 shows from July 3 – August 31.
>Jillina, Rania, Amar and Kaeshi of Bellyqueen, Sonia, Ansuya, Bozenka and
>the Desert Roses troupe will catapult the awareness of this exciting art
>form to new heights.  Media interest will be intense especially with the
>heightened interest in all things Middle Eastern.  The performance music
>will be recordings by the top stars – Hakim, Amr Diab, Oojami, Ragheb
>Alama, and others.  The show will also incorporate a live drummer, Amir
>Sofi on the darbouka.
>The tour is being filmed for a documentary DVD to be released in October,
>and will also be part of the full-length feature documentary being filmed
>for release in 2004, “American Bellydancer,” directed by Jon Brandeis and
>produced by Miles Copeland.

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