[Elfsea] Hat Race

Crandall crandall at elfsea.net
Mon Apr 28 21:02:16 PDT 2003

Well, boys and girls, we come to that which we thought we would not see for many years. Another hat race.

And, if my memory serves, there was enough back stabbing and cut throat politiking going on that it made me sick.

"And if elected, I promise to give to all my supporters ....blah, blah blah"

I hope that we will be more honorable about this opportunity to grow, for if we are not, then I think that the crossbow market will be a boom in Elfsea.

Just remember:
"Crossbows do not kill people,
Quarrels kill people."


Non Sum Qualie Eram

Beware of entrance to a quarrel,
But being in, bear it that the opposed
May beware of thee......

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