[Elfsea] Hat Race

Ldyinnes@aol.com Ldyinnes at aol.com
Mon Apr 28 22:21:06 PDT 2003

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Yes, as Crandal so aptly put it.

Promises were made that were not kept.  So we come to another dog and pony
show.   So all of the contenders, shake hands and come out swinging.  This is
not the first hat race that I have seen.   Lets hope the contenders for the
title conduct this in a more honorable fashion,  I have seen some contenders
that have not stooped to dirty politics.  and hope that none do in this one.
In my view, the crowned heads already know who will be the new Baaron and
Baroness, the polling, in my opinion, is done for show,  Crowns do not have
to abide by the numbers in the polling.   They appoint whoever they feel will
do the best job. In the end it is not our decision to make.

Good luck to all,  remember please,   clean politics.

Lady Innes

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