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Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!

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First let me say that I very seldom post to the list but what I spoke
about last night was the truth and I am very willing to stand behind my
words.  A public list is not a place to any but positive comment and
solutions for problems.  What is said here is a reflection on the whole
Canton of Loch Ruadh and I don't know about the populace but for myself
I do not want a bad reflection. Most likely the Crown is reading the
list to see if other things will come to light.  Yes, we will have
another hat race but in the meanwhile we have an opportunity to make
changes.  I have never seen Lord Armand or H.L. Ameline keep only to a
small circle of friends, in fact they have always gone out of they way
to speak with everyone which is very different.  Then you have Master
Richard who is a very fair man with only one thing in mind, the best for
whatever group he is representing. I believe that whoever makes the
decision will be listening to input from Master Richard as well as Lord
Armand and H.L. Ameline.  Plus you add in the fact that their Majesties
will be attending meetings in the future.I do believe that we have an
opportunity to put everything in the past and for all members to move
forward from this point with a clean slate to make this game we play
enjoyable.  But, we will all have to be part of the solution and be
willing to step up to the task of providing Elfsea with support and
guidance. Lady Innes,I respect your right to your opinion but I believe
that you as well as everyone else had a chance to speak with their
Majesties about Elfsea and it's Canton's.  I know that I personally
spoke with His Majesty and Master Richard this weekend.  We have an
opportunity here to make some changes.  I do not ever remember a Crown
going this far to listen to each and every person who wanted to speak to
them without any back-lashing from other members. I really wish that you
would move out of the past and come forward with open arms to help
foster the changes that could happen and reserve judgment until after
the fact.   I thank everyone for this opportunity and I hope that at
Moot I represented you all in a positive manner with my words. Lady
Aingeal Mac an GhabhannHouse Mac an Ghabhann

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