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First I would like to say congratulations to the new Vicar and Vicaress.  I
am confident they will have the support of the Barony and that they will
work to the utmost of their abilities to aid all the members of the

Second, I think the members of the Barony should not be looking ahead to the
"hat race" of the future.  No one knows what time frame future crowns will
be using to judge us by.  More importantly, the members of the group need to
work together to make Elfsea the best place it can be now.  I am certain
that all parties will be civil and gracious when the time for choosing the
next Baron and Baroness comes, however, it is vitally important that
everyone in the group lend the new Vicar and Vicaress a hand now to build
the Barony back up to where people can say, 'Life is good in Elfsea" with

Finally, I can say that our fair Barony is going to be under scrutiny by the
Kingdom Officers and the Crown for the forseeable future.  Working together
towards the common goal of improving the Barony will be much better received
than a perceived scramble for the Baronial thrones.

Sir Romanius

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>In all the words we will hear in the coming months let us not forget those
>who have stepped up to the bar and now stand as our leaders. For Ameline
>and Armand, who will be taking up the position of Vicar and Vicaress,  will
>need our help and support. Elfsea needs and deserves our support.
>So for Ameline and Armand Vivat!
>At Home in Elfsea
>Darius of the Bells, OL
>Rapier Marshal of Elfsea
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