[Elfsea] My comments on Moot

CE Huse/Lady Maria ldy_maria at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 29 13:57:57 PDT 2003


Ok...I've gotten some e-mails in my personal box. I would like to clarify

I am not asking these questions to inflame or only focus on the negative. I
am asking these questions because I was under the impression that everything
was going good. Then BLAMMO! We have a new seneschal and the B&B are asked
to step down. When things such as this start happening to the people and
things that are I love and hold dearly, I start asking questions.

I will wait until we either have a general meeting or until I meet with
Master Richard to finish asking my questions.

I am in support of Armand and Ami and any other couple that wishes to take
up the heavy responsibilities of that crown and throne. Just as I supported
Daniel and Siobhan. I have a deep respect for anyone wishing to take up this
gauntlet and run with it...whether they do it successfully or not. I have
heard Mistress Xene say many times that having that Baronial throne and
crown looks like alot of fun, but there is much more work that goes on than
anyone is aware of. I am a people watcher. Many times I have sat at meetings
while Galen and Allesandre were on the thrones and seen a certain look in
their eyes that something wasn't right and they weren't too pleased. I've
even seen it in the eyes of Daniel and Siobhan, Fritz and Catrin and even
our Kings and Queens. But, I've also seen their eyes light up at things that
were said at court or awards they got to give out.

I have and always will be there for my leaders and my Barony as a whole.


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