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For those of you who are not on the Ansteorran list.  This is also a very
nice response to the question.

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Dear Observer,

As the person who you are most likely referring to, let me clarify the
context of what I was said.  I said that 99% of the time what we do is
'political', not 'legal'.  The remark was intended to point out that the
vast majority of our involvement with the SCA is relating to one another as
individuals within a club, without any 'legal' consequences.  The remark was
intended to distinguish the other 1% of the time when the actions of some
members will carry a legal significance with outside parties such as the IRS
or third party businesses.
Of course, the term 'political' means many things to many people.  In my
usage it simply refers to interacting with others.  Now how you go about
doing that will determine whether people consider you to be honorable or
I hope this helps to clarify things, if you have any other questions, I'll
try to answer them best as I can.

With regards,
Sir Alexis LaBouche

joe lemming wrote:

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> hi,i have a philosophical question. on sunday i heard a knight say that
the sca is ninety nine percent politics and only one percent other. since
there is no honor or chilvary in politics, only nderhanded deceipt. does
that mean that if a equals b and b equals c that a equals c?just an observer

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