[Elfsea] Hat Race

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LOL!  I sort of lean towards "your Holiness".  Only because one of Pope
John-Paul II's other titles is "Vicar of Christ".  Not to be disrespectful,
but i've only heard a man of religion referred to as a Vicar.  Another
option is just 'Vicar'.  They're not awful common in this Country, but my
Agatha Christie novels tell me they had/have them in Britain, and they seem
to just call them "Vicar".
So who's the Protocol Laurel that can tell us the real answer?


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> No, this is wrong. We made the mistake of calling the Vicar and Vicaress
> Eldern Hills Your Excellency and we were told that was wrong. They called
> themselves your suffenciency untill they were finally invested some months
> later as Baron and Baroness.
> Siobhan
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