[Elfsea] Elfsea Defender Security request

Spence Mabry SMABRY at flash.net
Sat Aug 23 09:28:13 PDT 2003

Greetings unto The Barony of Elfsea and Her Cantons 
and College.
>From Lord Ceatta O Gulcleth
Security Coordinator for Elfsea Defender XXV

Well, you wonder why this e-mail is being sent to you, 
I'm sure.  Simple.  I am in charge of security for 
Elfsea Defender XXV and I need very special and good 
people to help me.  What I really need are those 
people who will not complain about working late hours, 
meandering through all the various campsites, working 
with the local peace officer we have on-site, being 
ready to take charge of a situation at a moments 
notice, carry spiffy hand-helds and wear a really 
unique cap.

That's right, a cap.

To make sure that people know you are on the security 
staff, you will receive a cap to wear when you are on 
duty.  It will be blue with the Elfsea ensign on it, 
the ensign being surrounded on the sides by the 
words "Elfsea Defender XXV" and below it "To Serve and 

These caps will ONLY be given out to those who wish to 
serve and protect and make sure of the security of 
Elfsea Defender XXV.

No one else will get them.  This will be something to 
treasure and tell your great-great-SCAchildren about,  

Now, down to the nitty-gritty.

The site for Defender is open from 4:00 p.m. Friday, 
26 September until 12 noon 28 September.  I need 
people to cover that whole time, in 4-hour shifts.  I 
would like at least 2 people during the day on 
Saturday and during teardown on Sunday (just to make 
things easier on all of us).  So, here is a sign-up 
sheet.  E-mail me at smabry at flash.net to volunteer and 
sign up for your preferred time.  

Oh, I forgot, there is also going to be a special 
Eflsea Defender Security T-shirt for those who work.  
When you volunteer, give me your T-shirt size as well.

And one other thing -- if you are serving on a 
IN ADVANCE OF YOUR TOUR.  We need to have the security 
people sober, in control, and reasonable while they 
are on duty.

The Times still open are:

Friday 26 September
4:00p.m.	2 slots open
8:00 p.m.	filled
Saturday 27 September
12:00 midnight	filled
4:00 a.m.	1 slot open
8:00 a.m.	1 slot open
12:00 Noon	2 slots open
4:00 p.m.	2 slots open
8:00 p.m.	2 slots open
Sunday 28 September
12:00 midnight	filled
4:00 a.m.	2 slots open
8:00 a.m.	2 slots open
12:00 noon	3 slots open

There will be sign-up list at Moot on Monday.

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