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having been reading the Conan stories and novels since my younger years,
I've always wanted to see films of him as a solider, mercenary, and
freebooter, and especially the set of stories when he becomes king of
Aquilonia, especially the one entitled CONAN THE CONQUEROR.  Arnold is
about the right age for that one, now.  And I always find it interesting
the CONAN THE BARBARIAN and THE TERMINATOR were released in the same

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If you are a Conan the Barbarian fan, get out to all your friends in the
sunny state of California and make sure they don't vote for Arnnie for
Why you might ask?  Because John Milius announced in June that he would
be writing and directing "King Conan : Crown of Iron" and that he was in
negotiations with Arnold to get him in the lead role.  In fact a
contract was ready to be signed and on Arnold's desk the day he
announced his candidacy for Governor.  Arnold has expressed interest in
doing the project but also admits he would be unable to do so should he
win the Governor's job.
So everyone make sure he doesn't get the job, even if it's only for the
rabid Conan fans of the world!!!
Karolus (Yea I might be a rabid fan)

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