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I am both a heavy and light marshal and a warranted officer and I expect to be at Elfsea fighter practice. The light fighters will probably have a full complement since Gothic is heavy only.

I will not be fighting heavy since some of my armour went to Gothic to support others.

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>Don Alaric spoke:
>> I have noticed a trend lately, when marshals are travelling to
>> out of town events, of cancelling official regularly scheduled
>> Sunday  ighter practices.
>I don't know about Elfsea, because I don't attend their practices, but in
>Steppes the practices tend to be cancelled because ALL the fighters are
>going to the same out-of-town event.  This weekend, for example, all but I
>think one fighter will be at Gothic Wars.  Kinda hard to have a practice if
>there is nobody to hit.
>Also, it says on Page 89 of the Kingdom Marshal's Handbook that "Each SCA
>sanctioned combat activity at an official SCA practice shall be attended by
>at least one Warranted Marshal or their designated Deputy" (those terms
>defined elsewhere in the Handbook).  I would guess that means that if you
>cannot get a Warranted Marshal or Deputy at the practice, it is not an
>official SCA practice.  And I think that if that happens the tendency is to
>cancel the practice instead of allowing an unsanctioned one.
>Can the Marshals comment?
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