[Elfsea] Gulf War Meals

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Mon Dec 22 16:47:42 PST 2003

> How *period* do you think Elfsea should look?
I would like Elfsea to look period from the road. If it could be done
reasonably, the period from the central fire area.

> Is *period * important to you?
It is a major part of the good feeling I get from the SCA.

> Do you go to the war as part of Elfsea supporting Ansteorra?
Yes. Though I am staff this year and will have somewhat less time than

> Do you go to war to fight for Ansteorra?
Yes. see above.

> Do you want to camp with Steppes?
If we can agree. Hopefully, the Baron/Baroness of Steppes will be able
to attend this year. I believe their absence for two years has been part
of the problem.

> Do you want to have group cooking plans?
I would like that, though we have had a hard time making this work with
either large groups or several smaller groups. I think we have learned a
bit from previous attempts and can make it work better this year.

> Big or small groups?
If we have only one kitchen area, then big group(s) are required.
Several kitchens take up more space.

> Do we need to bring big blue?
Yes, if we can put it on the field.

> If so where do you want to put it?
On the field.

> Do we want a shade tent at the castle area?
Yes, big blue.

> Do we need a camp mom?
It never hurts.

> How much land do you *really* need?
Enough for my period tent (diameter of about 23 feet including the stake

> Do we need a big truck?
I will need a truck of some sort. I am willing to do the truck thing
again, but we need people to decide as a group. I can always use a
smaller vehicle.

> Are you going to help load and unload this big truck?
I always do.

> There are many more questions I have not thought of but if we 
> can think and talk about these things in a calm way before we 
> are in the month of the war we might be able to forgo some of 
> the bickering and fighting that have plagued other war 
> trips.<That must be an oxymoron.>

In service,
Caelin on Andrede

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