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This is an old Elfsea person. If you can help please. We all come on times 
where we need help.  

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I don't know how many of you remember Lady Myrtle of the Lost and Missing, 
she has just recently started coming to events again, but used to be that 
she was the merchant who had everything or knew where to get it.

Anyway she and her two children are in dire straits. Due to circumstances 
caused by a person who shall remain nameless so as not to embarass his 
Knight,  she is being forced to sell off most everything she has in order to 
make sure she and her two children have a place to live etc.  There are a 
few things that SCAer's may be interested in such as the forge and the helm 
and that is why I have posted this to the list.

You should also check out her website as their is lots of cool stuff there 

Correction  www.midnightoile.com

You can reach Myrtle a/k/a Janie Derby at home at (817) 341-4627.

>bassenet helmet $50.00
>forge comes w/some coal $50.00
>hand crank blower $40.00
>snowmobile engine in crate, asst parts $300.00
>hi temp cement $10.00/gal  4 gals
>firebrick $ 1.00 brick 20+ bricks
>barb wire new on roll $20.00
>1978 ford van    ugly, new motor, 351 windsor, needs new windshield, elec 
>prob w/rear lights, less than 200 mi on motor $400.00
>1. 1982 Virago 750  $800.00
>2. 1982 Virago 750  $800.00
>1979 VW Rabbit diesel parts      $100.00
>1976 Mercedes 300d        $300.00
>1984 Mercedes 300td parts     $1200.00
>sissy bar $50.00
>1978 23' sailboat $3K in new sails, 5 hp outboard, trailer     $1000.00
>ski boat, trailer, 85 hp Johnson outboard, no title            $400.00
>ski boat walk thru windshield, trailer, outboard, no title        $400.00   
>Kawasaki      $200.00 no title police auction
>flute      $100.00
>picolo       $100.00
>Paiste 22" power ride color sound black cymbal   w/boom stand no dimples, 
>cracks or warps $225.00
>Ludwig tom tom chrome good head      $75.00
>wood smith      $500.00 (similar to Shop Smith woodworking set up)
>air compressor   Ingersoll Rand upright   $350.00
>4 bicycle frames $10.00 each
>28' above ground pool w/deck, needs liner, diatomaceous filter, sand 
>filter, 2 pumps, asst'd parts $250

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