[Elfsea] Kingdom Rapier Practice

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Thu Jan 9 04:07:53 PST 2003

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"Good Gentals of Ansteorra"These words are spoken on a daily basis now.The time is drawing close when we shall make the journey to face the enemy with blades and smiles. THe call to arms can happen at anytime will you be prepared? The time is here to meet with your fellow Ansteorra fighters and practice. There will be a kingdom rapier practice Sunday following Coronation in the Barony of Elfsea at veterans Park from 12 till???.As we speak the Trimarians are gathering her allies to wreak havoc on the civilized kingdoms. The call will go out for the Heros of Ansteorra to draw arms and stand for what is pure and just. So lets break out the blades and grab a friend and go play at Veterans Park on Sunday at noon.(directions to follow)

On to War On to Victory                                                                                   Eithin Mor                                                                                                        Central Captain

please post this to any other list that yo may to get the word out

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