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mysticfalcon at onebox.com mysticfalcon at onebox.com
Thu Jan 30 20:27:59 PST 2003

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!!!  Friday is the last day and if you did not read this post late Thursday night when I posted it, then that means today is Friday....LAST DAY to PRE-REGISTER!!!!  Nope, not Saturday, not Monday...FRIDAY.  So go to www.gulfwars.org and print you off a copy of the pre-reg form and mail it. NO PRE-REGISTRATION FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED IF THEY ARE POST DATED AFTER 1/31/03.  So chase down the mailman, be standing at the post office at the crack of dawn in the morning (open, open, open) and get those pre-registation forms in.  And to add to the excitement (hehe) email me the following info:
Your SCA Name
Mundane Name
Tent Size
Day Arriving
Group Camping with

If you have already pre-reg and have not emailed me this info...PLEASE do so...I will be very happy if you do :P.  If you have any questions or need any info just let me know.  Thank you!

Don't hurt the postman as you run him down,
Lady Honour du Bois
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Misty Hoehn
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