[Elfsea] Armand's inner Dragon

Wilkerson, Glen D glen.d.wilkerson at lmco.com
Wed Jul 2 05:37:00 PDT 2003

It's also the color of eggplant, which is what my brain turns into if I have
to watch that Saccharine Saurian...  But I will tell one genuinely funny
Barney story.

I was at an office picnic several years ago, and there was a purple dinosaur
there, cosmetically different enough that they wouldn't get sued for
copyright violation.  Anyway, the kids didn't know the difference and had a
good time until the sun started to go down.  It was at this point, with the
sun low down and shining behind it, that one little girl was able to see
through the white mesh that covered the costume mouth, and the woman inside
the costume.  She screamed at the top of her lungs and went racing to her
mother screeching, "MOMMY!  MOMMY!  BARNEY ATE A LADY!"

Made my day...

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Purple IS a royal color!!

I love You, You love me, We're a happy family...

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>You want to rescue Armand from evil and you invoke the name of the 
>Ultimate Evil One?
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>I've been worrying about Armand's evil inner dragon.  I think we need 
>some kind of exorcism to rescue Armand for goodness and light.  Maybe 
>something involving Barney???
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