[Elfsea] Where do I send....

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I spoke with Curstaidh, and she is the one who will be receiving all
scrolls, regalia and insignia for TRHs Ulsted and Cateau. 


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The Short Answer: Ceinwen but Curstaidh at Coronation

The Longer Answer: The person you give these to regardless of the reign
the heraldic office of Sable Scroll. Their address is listed in the
Star under Deputy Heralds and they are a part of the "staff" for the
that changes each reign. So, at the moment insignia (as well as painted
charters) would be sent to HL Ceinwen up in Glaslyn, but in 2 weeks (at
Coronation) they will go to Mistress Curstaidh or HL Mahee (I don't
which one is getting the listing).

In Service,

And CONGRATS!!!! for finishing your challenge

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Woo Hoo! I have finished my challenged (presented by Dma Anezka) and I
some finished Star of Merit bands.....to whom do I give them to? I just
can't seem to remember.

Muchas Gracias!


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