[Elfsea] Southern Steppes

lizdenpeters@juno.com lizdenpeters at juno.com
Wed Jul 2 09:39:17 PDT 2003

Let's see.  You can take 183 East to 35E South which splits into 67 and
35E at Saner in Oak Cliff, taking the 67 (right) fork.  Another option
would be to take Loop 12 South to Spur 408, then I-20 East & exit 67
South.    There are more ways but these are the basics as I don't know
where you live in Irving.  Do these give you some ideas?


On Wed, 2 Jul 2003 08:34:42 -0500 (CDT) aimiliona at earthlink.net writes:
> I have directions on how to get there from 67 but how do I get to 67 
> fomr Irving.
> Aimiliona
> Original message attached.

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