[Elfsea] Investiture Planning

Vicki Marsh XaraXene at comcast.net
Wed Jul 2 09:37:10 PDT 2003


Llywelyn and I are willing to help in any way in the planning.

May I also suggest that a Barony scroll be planned for the incoming Baron
&/or Baroness? It doesn't have to be completely personalized.

I only say this because Llywelyn and I never got one.  We were supposed to
have one made, but....

Out of curiosity, where are the old baronial coronets?  Could we have the
new ones refurbished before Defender?

There are lots of props/heraldic displays that are traditional and important
to include.  Some of them have disappeared along the way.  One of them were
the boar spears that the baronial guard used to carry. We never did find out
what happened to those. However, Llywelyn and I have a set of spears that he
made that we could volunteer for the guards to use during the processional.

Others are props that we have time to make.  What about new baronial guard
tabards?  What about the guard, since we have lost several members? Can we
make a new Baronial Ensign? New banners?

Do we have to have the Investiture Court in the hall?  Could we have it
outside? Could we borrow Arabella's torches, if the barony pays for propane

Another thought...what about the Cantons and the College?  Lots of heraldry
and tabards on your part is an important part to the ceremonies.

I have an overhead projector that can be used to help paint banners, too.

Lots of questions, lots of thoughts,


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