[Elfsea] Baronial Investiture at Elfsea Defender

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Thu Jul 3 15:47:23 PDT 2003

Greetings to all of you,
I have to say well done for the populace of Elfsea.  We let our feelings and
opinions be known to Their Royal Highnesses in a positive light and educated
them well.  We alleviated their fears about what is in the best interest of
the Barony.  
We can pull together and work well together.  We've done it before and will
continue to in the future.  We will prove to the Kingdom that we deserve the
accolades of Life is Good in Elfsea.
If there is anything I can do to assist anyone in this great challenge
please let me know.  I am willing to stand behind whoever their Royal
Highnesses choose to be our next Baron and Baroness as leaders of our group.
It's part of our healing process.  You all are my family.
HL Arabella

Subject: [Elfsea] Baronial Investiture at Elfsea Defender
Importance: High

I have just received additional information regarding this matter from their

Their highnesses have decided that a new Baron and Baroness will be invested
at Elfsea Defender XXV! 
Hear there words."Greetings, 

After due consideration and the words of many of your populace, we have 
decided that We can, indeed, invest a new Baron & Baroness at Elfsea 
Defender.  This will require a focused effort from your group, yourselves, 
and the candidates." 

Per their highnesses instructions 

Applications from all interested candidates. These should go to Their
Highnesses, The Kingdom Seneschal, The Vicar and Vicaress and the Baronial
Seneschal. This should be done as soon as possible, but before Kings

Their highnesses will interview candidates  at Kings Round Table ( or other
events  as needed). 

Their highnesses intend  to have a polling at the next populace meeting. 

Their highnesses hope to  announce the next Baron & Baroness  before

Please cross post to other lists and people as needed. 

I need the Chronicler to contact me as soon as possible. 

If you have questions please contact me or the Vicar and Vicaress. 

Master Richard Fairbourne 
Elfsea Seneschal 


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