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Let's keep them all in our thoughts and prayers.

For those of you who don't know her, she is a really sweet lady with the
cutest little boy.  Aslyn has also been facing very serious back surgery
this summer after an accident crushed what was left of her disks.



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Talked with Aslyn about 10 minutes ago.  She thanks everyone for their calls
and prayers during this trying time.  The warehouse her family owns exploded
about 5:30pm Thursday.  3 have died.

She is fine; Nick is fine.

Aslyn, oddly enough was compelled to run an errand at the time of the
warehouse explosion.  She hurried back and has been dealing with ATF, police
and reporters since then.

It is my sad duty to tell her SCA family that her father was killed in the
explosion.  Her family is taking it very hard.  Reporters etc aren't making
it any easier but their church is supporting them and keeping things as calm
as possible.

Aslyn asked me to pass on that, at this time, she and her family appreciate
our prayers and kind thoughts.  Due to the media etc, she has requested that
we remain here; when she needs us she will call.

She is with her family now and will be calling and sending updates when she
can.  Again, please send your prayers and thoughts in her family's direction
as they deal with their loss.

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