[Elfsea] North Central Region Textiles Guild Meeting 7/9

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 3 22:08:29 PDT 2003

The next meeting of the NCRTG will be on Wednesday, July 9th - usual time and place (email Gerita at hpockets at verizon.net for details).

Topic is "PEARL EMBROIDERY" and we will work on pearl/bead adornment in period.   The goal is a fabric cover for a book, similar to period books of hours (which were tiny, but size isn't the point) which hung from a Lady's girdle in most Western European countries. 

Folks will need to have in mind a small book to cover (blank notebook?, your dayminder? a needlebook?), and bring the following:
-    Fabric at least four inches bigger than the measurement of the entire cover. Colored fabric may be best, since pearls tend to be white.  In period, this would be fine wool, velvet (try cotton velveteen), heavy linen, etc.
-    A fabric marking pencil will be helpful if you have one (but we have a couple)
-    a few fine needles (beading needles are necessary only for "Indian seed beads")
-    Pearls or pearl beads sized about  4 mm.  
-    Sewing thread, or if we're being absolutely Period, silk sewing thread.
-    Embroidery hoop you can hold in your hand comfortably.

There will be a simple design for you to trace onto your fabric, and then embroider with pearls using a couple of different methods.

We'll also decide whether to do a dyeing workshop in September.  And discuss the upcoming Clothing Collegium in Steppes.

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