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Thu Jul 10 13:10:11 PDT 2003

>Here are some questions that I would like the Candidates to respond to.
>Please keep in mind, that with the exception of Question #4, all of these questions ask you about what has been, not what will be.  It is unfair to expect someone to change who they are just because they are B&B ... not to mention unlikely they actually will, despite the best intentions.  As such, I would like to know how you already have been doing these things.

Caelin here.

>1) Specifically how have you displayed leadership in the area of the Arts & Sciences?
I have started and sponsored in my home the very active Cook's Guild. I have commissioned various works from artists. I provide a place for the Middle Eastern dancers to meet. I have provided largess and prizes for A&S competitions. I have attended several classes and participated in making things. Pyro actively demos and teaches spinning, card weaving, jewlery making, casting, and anything else she knows to anyone who wants to learn it. Pyro has made quite a few Baronial awards and some Kingdom ones.

>2) Specifically how have you displayed leadership in the area of fighting, both Heavy & Light? I fight heavy, light, and combat archery. I do live steel and target archery. I am an active marshal in all these areas. I am an authorizing marshal in all but rapier. I am a youth marshal in all forms of youth combat. I loan my gear out to anyone who wants to try it. I teach whenever I can. I marshal and help run the inspection stations at Gulf War. As a Chirurgeon, I treat fighting injuries and work to prevent them. Pyro does waterbearing and works as a list mistress. 
>3) How do you display leadership in the area of service within the Barony?
I have provided either the most or the second most service hours at the Gulf Wars for each of the last three years (exceeding that provided by most kingdoms). I have been autocrat and feastocrat at many events. I have been Seneschal for the barony twice. With the labor of many of you, I paid for and built a shed for the Barony on my property. Pyro and I are present for nearly all shed loads and unloads. We do most setups and virtually all tear downs at events. We both waterbear at events. I Chirurgeon at all events. We herald. I marshal. I am on the finance committee and have been for several years. I attend every business meeting and moot and most fighter practices and offer advice on diverse topics. I rent trucks for Gulf Wars and organize their use. Pyro and I provide camperships to Gulf Wars for those who would not otherwise be able to go. I attend most Loch Ruadh populace meetings and some of their events.
>4) Do you believe any of the above would change if you become B&B?
Pyro and I would engage in more A&S activities and become more active in Loch Ruadh, the College of Three Bridges, and Dragonsfire Tor. 
The support for fighting might be more in providing an environment and resources and less physically fighting due to time constraints on the B&B at events.
>5) Gulf Wars is very important to our Barony, especially in service hours and a sense of community, how have you supported these efforts?
As mentioned above, I have provided the most service hours for several years. I will not be able to do so this year because I will be the War Chirurgeon and staff hours are not counted (I will probably put in even more hours). I arrange for the truck, pay for it (with partial reimbursement), drive it, load and unload it, etc. I often cook for parts of the Barony, help set up and tear down (usually the last to leave the site). I fight all the heavy war points and many of the light ones. In the past, I have purchased helms for loan to siege crews, provided camperships, paid for and made many ballista bolts, sponsored a ballista, donated waterbearer supplies, worked gate, worked the treasurer's office, and Chirurgeoned quite a bit. 

I expect to continue all of the above if I am Baron.

Though school prevented her from going last year, in prior years Pyro has helped with the A&S competitions, worked in the heavy inspection points, done waterbearing, cooked, made sure armor got where it needed to be, made war favors, driven the truck, and generally done whatever necessary to make the War as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Caelin on Andrede

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