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Good Questions!

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> Here are some questions that I would like the Candidates to respond to.
> Please keep in mind, that with the exception of Question #4, all of these
questions ask you about what has been, not what will be.  It is unfair to
expect someone to change who they are just because they are B&B ... not to
mention unlikely they actually will, despite the best intentions.  As such,
I would like to know how you already have been doing these things.
> 1) Specifically how have you displayed leadership in the area of the Arts
& Sciences?

Ameline's A&S leadership has been most prominent with the youth of Elfsea
while serving as Minister of Children. Rather than simply providing games to
pass the time with the kids, Ameline actually used many A&S teaching
sessions to serve as Children's Activities. While she has taught adult A&S
classes and judged at a few competitions, Ameline's leadership is primarily
by example, having competed in numerous competitions and qualifying as one
of the kingdom representatives at Gulf War's A&S Champion's competition for
2 consecutive years. Armand, while not a leader in the Arts & Sciences, has
endeavored to benefit the A&S community by advertising their works and
competitions through his online photo journal. But mostly by watching the
children while Ameline teaches classes. :-)

> 2) Specifically how have you displayed leadership in the area of fighting,
both Heavy & Light?

Aside from actively participating with the chivalric fighting community, and
being a past member of the Arthurian Company, Armand's leadership in the
fighting community has been limited to providing a bad weather site for
fighter practices, both chivalric and rapier. While Minister of Children,
Ameline had the youth of Elfsea sponsor one of the Ballistae's in answer to
the TRM's call. Ameline also helped man (woman) that ballistae at Gulf War,
and helped sew many of the first Arthurian tabards.

> 3) How do you display leadership in the area of service within the Barony?

Leading by example is what we try to do. When we see something that needs to
be done, we try to bring others along to help solve the problem. Ameline's
service leadership has been heavily focused on her work with the children.
Many children actually looked forward to children activities while Ameline
was in charge. She has also helped with the crown's wardrobe on short
notice. Armand's online photo journal is considered by some as a service. He
actively participates on the Grand Council. We both are currently striving
to serve the barony with leadership in the absence of a sitting Baron and

> 4) Do you believe any of the above would change if you become B&B?

It is very likely. The Baron & Baroness will have obligations that will make
their personal involvement with some activities more challenging. For one
thing, Armand's ability to provide photos (at the same level) will be
impacted. It is not likely that Ameline will suddenly begin fighting. On the
other hand, we anticipate opportunities for leadership that would otherwise
not be possible. However, for the most part, what-you-see-is-what-you-get.
We will continue to do what we do, Armand may be expected to be more
involved in A&S (he's been trying to make Scribes & Illuminators meeting for
3 months) and is interested in picking up a rapier. Ameline will no doubt
continue to try her hand at new arts & sciences, and was on the verge of
co-autocratting Defender XXV. Her interest there will most likely continue.

> 5) Gulf Wars is very important to our Barony, especially in service hours
and a sense of community, how have you supported these efforts?

Our service and community contributions at Gulf War have not been what I
would expect from a landed Baron & Baroness. Gulf War has been our annual
vacation and we have treated it as such. As Baron & Baroness, this attitude
would change. Armand's support has primarily been limited to joining in with
our fighting contingent, and Ameline has supported the Ansteorran A&S
effort. This past year, our children marched at the front of Ansteorra in
the Opening Procession. Being the first year with our children, we did not
camp with the barony, but did spend much of our time there, because that's
where our friends were.

> Timothy

Armand & Ameline

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