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Greetings Elfsea,
    You haven't heard from me a lot lately because I have been working long 
hours at Wally World, the supercenter at North Richland Hills. However, I have 
some comments on the future landed nobility in our faire Barony.
    First of all, as a former baroness who now has absolutely no influence at 
all, I would like to say that I think all of the candidates are equally 
qualified for the job. Our Vicar and Vicaress, who are very honest people and who 
have held offices in this Barony, hobnobbed with Royalty, and made friends all 
over the Kingdom, will do what they think is best for Elfsea. Darius and 
Rosalia are peers, both in their own right, and have done much for this Barony and 
Kingdom. Need I say more? Raimond is about the hardest worker I have ever 
seen. William and Cassandra have a long history with the SCA, Ansteorra, and 
Elfsea and have experience many of us can only imagine. Rixende and Tomas have 
worked hard for Elfsea since they arrived and have much experience with 
entourages, etc. Caelin and Pyro have been leaders from Baronial level to Kingdom level. 
It will be a hard choice indeed when I go to the polling Monday night at 
MOOT, I am off from work Monday, thank goodness. 
    Dear Populace of Elfsea, please remember that this is a job that will 
require so much from these people that they will need all the help you can give 
them. They have been told that Landed Nobility will need to be super seneschals 
from this day forward. They will have the hardest job this Society has to 
offer. Please try to become their best friend, no matter what they need. Please 
give them their first year without expecting too much or holding mistakes 
against them. They will be testing the waters and finding their footing. 
    Dear Candidates, if you are not chosen, please take all of the energy you 
are now planing to use as Landed Nobility and use it to support your new 
Baron and Baroness. You each have talents and strengths they do not and they will 
need you desparately. Don't wait for them to ask, they probably will not know 
what to ask for in the beginning. 
    Dear Future Baron and Baroness, please try to make every person in the 
populace your best friend. They need it. When we stepped up, very few people 
were attending A&S and fighter practices, etc. We concentrated on attending as 
many baronial fuctions as possible. You must try to keep this up. People will go 
there partly because you will be there. Don't forget your populace in Loch 
Rudh (for as long as you have it), Dragon'sfire Tor, and the college (whether 
dormant or active) . When you travel, please advertise your plans and invite 
others to travel with you. Away travel is more fun when done as a group and it 
helps new people feel a part of the group if they are invited to travel with and 
camp with you in a community situation. When we were at events we spent more 
time with our populace than we did politicking with peers and royalty. I have 
seen other Landeds spend more time politicking with peers and royalty than 
visiting with their populace. Please try to find a happy medium, lest your 
populace feel left out and royalty feel ignored. 
    The first year you will be getting you balance, and I for one will not 
hold any mistakes you make against you. The second year, I have heard from other 
nobility, you should have your stride and everything should start to fall 
into place. If you need to talk to anyone who understands your position, Mistress 
Xene and Don Llewelyn are very hospitable and so are Baron Fritz and Baroness 
Caitrin, although they have very different approaches, they give excellent 
Good Luck and God Bless, no matter who you are. 
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