[Elfsea] change in contact info coming soon

Neil Starkey raimonddemora2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 20:41:38 PDT 2003

Greetings to everyone in Elfsea,

I just wanted to let everyone know, that I am not
trying to ingore anyone, I am simply having an
extended problem with my current email of
raimonddemora at hotmail.com.  A fix is on the way with
DSL coming early next week.  At that time I will be
closing the Hotmail account and transfering everything
over to a new (and hopefully more reliable) address. 
Until then, I have set up this temporary address to
let people know I have not fallen off the edge of the
world (yet).  I have seen everything posted to the
list to date, so I know what is going on.  The problem
has been in that I can not send any messages from the
account.  If anyone needs to get a hold of me quickly,
my home phone number is 972-254-8546.  If I am home, I
will answer at almost any hour or leave a message and
I will call back.  Cell phone number is 214-478-2915,
this one I carry all the time.

Thanks to all and I will see you at Fighter Practice
Sunday and Moot Monday.


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