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Mon Jun 2 08:54:26 PDT 2003

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Actually, I have to agree with everyone on this . . . . . With all the
business of Homeland Security and other things running around, this could be
really good in several ways.

   * The Riot Police need the practice against a foe (other than themselves)
   * We need War-pratice against an organized foe (other than ourselves)
   * Both groups would be doing their civic duties for all to see
   * It's good media for each
   * It's a good enough excuses to have a BBQ and Demo (for both groups)

Q:  Could it be pulled off and organized?
A:  Don't we do this sort of thing every other weekend?

We would need to see if either Ft.Worth and/or Dallas wants to do something
like this though?  Probably the Training department would be a good place to
start.  Would also need to find out if their was enough interest in the
central region to warrant such an endeavor as well.

Other questions that would be left up to the 'Then and Now' War council,
would be:

   * How do they feel about archers and ballista?  (How do we feel about
     water cannon and tear gas?)
   * How to evaluate the different styles of armor and fighting for safety
     and effective training.
   * Organizing EMT/Chiurgons for simulated injuries of various types.
   * Getting waivers and other legal issues out of the way.
   * Setting a time and a place.

Over all I could see this as being a year long process with many issue to be
taken care of by the Senicials, Knights Marshal and Chiuregon.  Plus it
would be a good idea to contact the other group to see what kind of problems
that they had run into and their solutions.

But it is a good idea.

---------------- Gustav

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