[Elfsea] FW: [Northkeep] Off Topic but interesting - The Geek Test

Tom Parr seamus at elfsea.net
Mon Jun 2 09:08:09 PDT 2003

Now I don't feel so bad.... for us SCAers who are gamers and techies... this test is written for us.... so sad.....

To Tim> you realize that there high score on the website is only lkie a 60%


Seamus The geek of elfsea...

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From: "Timothy Rayburn" <timothy at elfsea.net>
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Date:  Mon,  2 Jun 2003 10:55:42 -0500

>70.61144% - Geek God
>I do believe I am insulted that Seamus out scored me on this test ... he had to cheat. :P
>Who scored extra points just for wanting to make this post.
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>From: "Tom Parr" <seamus at elfsea.net>
>>oh this is sooo bad:
>>76.33136% - Dysfunctional Geek
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