[Elfsea] Updated list of Warlord 30 items - Clothing, Bedding, Purses, Tableware

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 3 22:16:43 PDT 2003

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Because so many items were collected, and the message would be R-E-A-L-L-Y L-O-N-G if we put it all together, we are listing the items in different messages.  See titles for the things included in each message; there will be three messages in total.

If several items were left together, they are included in the same listing.  "LIH" means the item was left in the hall; other items came from outside.  Some items had names and we were able to track down the owners; those items do not appear on this list.  Some items had names or identifying material and we couldn't locate the owner; those do appear on that list with the information we have.

If an item is yours and you don't care to have it returned, let us know.  It will then go into Baronial largesse or be auctioned at some future event to benefit a Kingdom cause.

Unless otherwise specified, contact Morgan Cain - morgancain at earthlink.net - or one of the Warlord XXX autocrats to arrange return of your items.

Clothing and Fabric Items:

1)    Muslim headdress, white (LIH)

2)    Red cap with purple feather, from children's class (LIH)

3)    One slipper, leather, handmade, tan colour, pointy toe

4)    Sideless surcote, black velveteen, half-lined in green with gold overprint (possibly LIH, soaking wet)

5)    Three pairs white socks, all different (LIH)

6)    One black sock

7)    pair of orange sabots, "Holland" lion on toe, size 28-1/2 or 44

8)    Purple tunic with red/white/green trim (LIH)

9)    Brown "fur" triangle - shawl or ruana?  (LIH)
11)    Dark red dancer's scarf coin belt

12)    Grey (black/white weave) cloak with blue/grey cotton lining (LIH)
        Purple Mead 70-sheet notebook, first page:  "Feast for 200" with menus
        Brown No Boundaries notebook, inside cover:  "King's Champion Jan. 11, 2003"

13)    Pair gloves, green canvas and grey suede, "Thinsulate"

The below items, probably all LIH:

14)    White gauze open-front short-sleeved "coat," turquoise stitching on edge

15)    Blue-and-gold plaid shirt with black trim

16)    Blue cotton pants (goes with the shirt, above?)

17)    White cotton underdrawers, drawstring top, shorts, pretty big

18)    Piece of white gauze fabric, unhemmed

19)    Two dark gold napkins

20)    White linen napkin

21)    Two white linen napkins with gold and silver threads at the edge

22)    Large pale yellow tablecloth

23)    Two blue cotton napkins


1)    Bright blue Coleman sleeping bag (LIH)

2)    Navy sleeping bag (LIH)

3)    One pillow, white "paper" cover (LIH)

4)    Black velvet pillow with fringe (LIH)

5)    Set of dark green sheets, left in bardic area in merchant's row


1)    Black leather purse, contains wallet, receipt from use of debit card
        Last four numbers of debit card are 5679
        Wash soaked but dried it is in fine condition.

Tableware, Eating Gear, Drinking Vessels:

1)    Two kitchen spoons, black nylon

3)    Grey mug, with rings (LIH)

4)    Wooden bowl, about 8" across, highly lacquered

5)    Wooden plate, about 10" across, small rim

6)    Square trencher

7)    Round pewter dish with rim, art deco-style trim, had contained chocolate

8)    Wooden plate, slightly depressed in centre, about 12" across, incised rim

9)    Large (12" or so) square wooden plate

10)    Large (16-18" across) silver tray, round, about 3/4" deep

11)    Large brass tray with latticework pattern cut in sides/rim.

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