[Elfsea] Yet more Warlord 30 Lost-and-Flotsam items

Lady saviti ddancer_saviti at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 18:36:13 PDT 2003

The bells are mine! I loaned them and a dancing belt
to a new comer and I could not find them after the
event. I'll be happy to retrieve them. Just let me
know how please.


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> *sigh*  Just when I thought I was getting ahead of
> it.....  These items were given to me last night,
> and are probably all items that were in the hall
> because they are clean:
> 1)    Two blue bags with tan fleur-de-lys printed on
> them, tan ribbon.
> 2)    Oxblood leather and dark red velvet ankle cuff
> with two rows of bells.
> 3)    Dancing scarf, red with black, gold threads
> woven through and gold design.
> I still have many of the lost-and-flotsam items.  We
> have armor, weapons, coolers, chairs, a table,
> clothing, a sleeping bag, pillows, feast ware,
> tablecloths, napkins in matched pairs, a lantern, a
> mug, a basket of stuff, baskets without stuff, a big
> clear box, a tarp, and someone's ID (I've been
> trying to reach him).
> We'd like for it to go home.
> I'm taking a number of items to King's College that
> have already been claimed.  If you spotted something
> on the list and we can make arrangements by
> Thursday, I will try to bring your things too.
> Otherwise, we can talk about getting them back to
> you.  I'm not going to bring random lots of things
> for people to look through, only specific items.
> Items not retrieved may be sold at auction to
> benefit the Barony, the Gulf Wars Gate Fund (there
> seems to be a huge mortgage to pay off, especially
> as we now have to add yearly flamingo-proofing), the
> Kingdom Travel Fund, or some other useful cause.
> Thanks,
>                               ---= Morgan (who wants
> that half of the garage back!)
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